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We believe in the power of story-telling and the changes it can bring in the world. Through MagZhane, we open up conversations about things that have to do with being eco-friendly, living sustainably and adopting fair trade practices.

It is the need of the hour to start having conversations about the environment and use of eco-friendly products. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, every product that we use in our daily lives pass through numerous hands to get to us. And in most cases, the people manufacturing these products are pushed into anonymity. We often do not know where things come from or how they were manufactured.

We cannot truly understand what goes into a product unless we learn its story. Do they use chemicals? Are the dyes made of natural resources? Do the people working for them get treated fairly? It is important to understand these things because this is what helps us to create a better world.

By understanding the origin of the product, we become more aware about its impact on the environment and the people producing it. Through MagZhane, we bring forward the stories of small businesses, which often employ a majority of women who bring tremendous changes in their community. We write about sustainability and how we can incorporate it into our daily lives. We raise awareness about fair trade and how it is beneficial to all. Along with that, we also discuss ethical and sustainable practices being followed by the brands that we work with.

Each individual needs to do their part in spreading awareness and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Through our blog MagZhane, we seek to explore such topics to help talk about ideas and issues concerning the environment and doing ethical business


Blog is a means of communication provided to us via the Internet

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Certified Organic

We sell only Certified Organic products that are certified and have gone through stringent quality checks by third-party certification agencies. These products do not contain harmful chemicals or pesticides. Organic clothing, skin, and hair care products typically have hypoallergenic properties thanks to their chemical-free production. It is better for your skin and your health.


We are committed to social and environmental sustainability. We believe in a choice that benefits not just the consumer but also the environment and all living beings. We partner with merchants and brands that have chosen to manufacture sustainable products and want to promote conscious consumerism.

Empowering businesses and workers

As every human being deserves equal respect and rights, every business and their workers also deserve fair treatment and equal opportunities to grow. This is the reason we only promote and partner with responsible brands who believe in this ideology

Giving back 

We at Zhanes believe in giving back to society and we do that through various sports charitable organizations and you can feel good as whenever you shop with us you are contributing to society.