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About Us

ZHANES is India’s first marketplace for only Certified Organic goods and brands that are certified and have gone through stringent quality checks by third-party certification agencies. Buy with us all kinds of authentic certified organic goods, from organic food, baby care products, clothes, and accessories to hair and skin care products that have been manufactured by local Indian brands ethically and sustainably. Start your journey towards a greener lifestyle by choosing products that are eco-friendly and completely certified natural.

 It All Starts With A Story… 

The inspiration for Zhanes came to the founder, Pahuljit Singh Gill when he was working as a retail sales assistant at an apparel store in Australia while pursuing his studies. He witnessed how large piles of clothes were being thrown away in an alarming frequency to make room for new trends and created a lot of waste. However, at the same time, he noted the fair treatment of workers in the industry where fair wages and workers’ benefits were available for workers at all levels. He found a similar issue in India, where fast fashion has taken root while the workers’ rights are being neglected in factories. With a need to promote eco-friendly lifestyle brands and to provide a marketplace that encourages fairtrade, he started a journey towards responsible consumerism through Zhanes. 

We are committed to social and environmental sustainability. We believe in a choice that benefits not just the consumer but also the environment and all living beings. We partner with only certified organic merchants and brands that have chosen to manufacture sustainable products and want to promote conscious consumerism. In today’s fast-paced economy, many companies do not take into account the social and environmental impact of their products. Often exploiting the earth’s resources to such an extent that have forced scientists to wonder whether we would even have enough natural resources to leave behind for future generations. 

Our commitment towards a responsible lifestyle does not stop with the products we feature. We believe that there should be a continuous dialogue about ethical living. Hence, Magzhane is our inhouse blog where we discuss about sustainability and share inspirational stories of brands, the wonderful people who work behind the scenes  and the ethical and sustainable methods being practiced by them.

We also want to give back with each purchase and believe that a product becomes more meaningful when it adds value to others. Sports as we all know is integral for one’s physical and mental well-being and it is immensely fundamental for a healthy Indian society. So each month, Zhanes contributes 5% of its profits to various Sports charity organizations that are working to find and nurture the next Neeraj Chopra and provide them the necessary facilities and infrastructure in India. 

When you go for sustainable products, you contribute to bringing a positive change through your lifestyle. Through Zhanes, we wish to promote brands that are certified organic, Indian, vegan, eco-friendly, and practice carbon-neutrality. At the same time, we tell a story of their commitments towards the planet.

Certifications Verification process

Identify the brands

Check if they are Certified Organic

Asking them to send their certifications

Certifications verification at Zhanes HQ


Educating, Helping & Serving our amazing customers with our heart and soul

After complete verification, onboarding & welcoming to the Zhanes family

Double-checking their certifications by searching their companies on the certification bodies database, for ex; databases of India Organic(Jaivik Bharat), USDA Organic, ECOCERT, etc.

If you want to learn more about how we work, please visit here.