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Providing A Space For Fair Trade and Ethical Brands - Join Us!

At Zhanes, we want to empower businesses that do not just work for profit but are working towards a sustainable future. We work with brands that align with our values for sustainable, responsible and fair trade businesses. We put our merchants in the forefront so that customers can know where the products have originated from. Along with that, we want to share the stories behind each brand and how they came to be. 

Zhanes provides a space for ethical brands to present themselves to the world. We encourage you to join us and share your journey and your ideologies for sustainable living. 

Why is it important to bring forward the stories of fair trade businesses? 

Most often, fair trade businesses are rooted in a community with a motive to empower and uplift those communities to become self-sustaining. They are connected to their employees and consider their impact on the local environment. The people behind such brands have strong connections with the people who work under them. Thus, creating a bond among the business owners and workers. 

Fair trade businesses also promote local craftsmanship and traditional manufacturing techniques with sustainable production models and help to preserve these techniques for future generations. 

Benefits of partnering with Us

  • Brand Promotion on website and social media
  • Committed seller page exhibiting brand story and products.
  • Loyal consumer base who practice sustainable and ethical lifestyle
  • Manage product listings, orders and stock replenishment conveniently through user-friendly seller dashboard
  • Prompt query settlement via devoted seller team 
  • On time payment for orders

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