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Join us in giving back to our community

Sports Charity Organisation

Each month, Zhanes contributes 5% of its profits to various sports charities in India. 

One of the features of being an ethical business is that we don’t just do it for the profit. We do it in such a way that it creates a path for us to give back to society. When you buy a product from Zhanes, you are not only contributing to the betterment of the environment and supporting fair trade, a part of your purchase also goes to contributing to various sports charities. We support charities working for causes you and we believe in. 

Sports as we all know is integral for one’s physical and mental well-being and it is immensely fundamental for a healthy Indian society.  So each month, Zhanes contributes part of its profits to various Sports charity organizations that are working to find and nurture the next Neeraj Chopra and provide them the necessary facilities and infrastructure in India. 

Humanity’s greatest gift is the power to feel empathy. Making a collaborative effort to uplift one another is how things should be. We give back because we believe that success should be measured by the number of lives that have been impacted. Besides, a product becomes much more meaningful when it adds value to others lives. 

We identify sports charities that work for social causes which help to empower communities, democratize sports, provide job opportunities and help the environment and donate to those charities. This is our little step in bringing a positive change.

Our recent Charity work...