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Conscious Food certified from ECOCERT, is the Pioneer in India since 1990. Initially catering to a very small group of believers from a small store on Malabar Hill, Mumbai, the company today.

Praakritik brings back a sense of belongingness in food that you can trust. Their mission is to encourage farmers to grow organic and inspire consumers to go organic.

D-Alive Health Pvt. Ltd is based out of Mumbai. They make OTC packaged foods and solutions, especially for diabetes but it appeals to all health enthusiasts alike. All of their packaged foods are 100% Natural, Made out of Organic Ingredients of the topmost quality, No Gluten, and absolutely naturally sweetened with Low GI sweeteners.

In spite of being low Glycemic Index and low carb, their pride lies in the taste of their products. Their aim is simply to make their consumers happily healthy, one bite at a time.

Truefarm Foods is a 100% Organic Food company focussed on its consumers. Our vision is to become the first choice brand for organic food for all consumers across the world.

Thanks for your interest in association with our organisation and brand, We are a Certified Organic Organisation, and all our products are certified as per NPOP and NOP Regulations.

Nutriorg has earned a good name as a leading health and wellness organic detox brand in the industry in the past few years at very brisk rate. It works rigorously towards furnishing the market with a range of wellness products grown organically in company owned farmlands under careful supervision.

Based in Rajasthan where majority of the production takes place. Herbs, raw materials and fruits chiefly Amla, Aloe vera, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Tulsi, Neem, Lemon, Kinnoo, Stevia, Giloy, Cissus etc are cultivated organically in the Nutriorg’s own certified organic farmlands.

Established in 2016, Elworld Agro & Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd. Is India’s pioneering and premium organic food brand that aims to redefine the way of healthy living, By bringing authentic organic foods such as Pulses, Beans, Spices, Rice, Cereals, Sweeteners, etc.

They are a 29-year-old subsidiary of ELCOMPONICS GROUP specializing in producing certified organic food products and aim to serve you with the best quality. They are an enthusiastic team with a vision to provide you with some of the best nature’s healthy alternatives.

Ecotyl is a certified organic and sustainable brand. They bring to you 100% organic, eco-friendly, and high-quality products sourced from their best-grown locations across the country.

They make sure that the environment is minimally impacted when they deliver high-quality products to you. Ecotyl sources them in small batches, so they remain fresh when they are delivered to your doorsteps.

At different stages, they undergo rigorous checks to meet the set food safety and hygiene standards. Their products are vegan, pesticide-free, unadulterated, GMO-free, and free from added food colours. 

They offer a range of more than 50 Organic and eco-friendly products across 8 categories.

Indyo Organics is an initiative to bring Organic, natural and healthy food to every individual, it's an initiative to get our food Free from Adulteration, Chemical Fertilisers, Pesticides and Artificial Flavours and Colours.