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Promoting A Sustainable Lifestyle - Our Values

It is high time the world starts to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether that be by choosing products that are eco-friendly, making a conscious decision to consume less or simply using less plastic. The only way that we can combat environmental degradation is by changing the ways of our daily consumption. It should also be noted that people can consider their concern for the environment only when their other basic needs are easily fulfilled. That is why we believe that fair trade businesses play a huge role in providing better job opportunities and living standards to people. We promote fair trade businesses which believe in this ideology and produce eco-friendly products and offer fair job opportunities to people living in local communities. 
Fairtrade and local businesses, though small, can create big impacts on the environment and the people who work for it. We make sure that all the products that we sell at Zhanes are primarily certified organic, sustainable, and ethically made and along with that, they follow some of these significant values.  


Fair Trade 

We believe in working with brands that are transparent and provide a comfortable working environment. By providing fair and equal pay, good working conditions and other benefits to the employees, it not only improves the lives of the daily wage workers, but it also improves the quality of the products. Fair trade can help reflect the hard work, love and dedication that goes into manufacturing each product. 


Traditional and Handcrafted 

India’s rich handicraft, textile and apparel heritage spans hundreds of years. Traditional skills that have been passed down through generations, often through the community’s women, practice sustainable activities to create unique pieces of art. Whether that be by using local resources, natural dyes or by upholding traditional craft techniques. 


Certified Organic 

We sell only Certified Organic products that are certified and have gone through stringent quality checks by third-party certification agencies. Organic is not just limited to the food we eat. Just like eating organic, wearing organic also has a lot of benefits. Organic products use natural dyes and no harmful chemicals or pesticides. Organic clothing, skin and hair care products typically have hypoallergenic properties thanks to their chemical-free production. It is better for your skin and for your health. 


Vegan and Cruelty-Free 

The concept of ethical living is not just limited to human beings. Animals deserve to live a cruelty-free life as much as we do. That is why we work with brands that are proudly vegan and cruelty-free. Where no animal fibers or leather are used and no animals are harmed in the production process. We believe in the values of non-violence: no killing and respect for all living things and we proudly partner with businesses that uphold this. 


Carbon Neutral 

We support brands that are helping to fight the negative effects of the industry by adopting minimum waste practices. Brands that are playing their part in minimising the impact of their carbon emissions and adopting minimum waste practices such as using eco-friendly raw materials and biodegradable or recycled packaging for their products.