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Block Print Fully Organic Khadi Fabric Saree

Rs. 3,250.00


Organic         Fair        Carbon Neutral 

The simplistic and enchanting colors of this saree bring out the old Indian days back to life. The soft and warming colors are sure to woo your heart at first sight. This gorgeous number has amazing detailing all over. Enjoy the comfort and sophistication in this beautifully blended saree that stands out by itself.
"Single Thread(ST)45" 100 count Block Print.
It is Khadi Fabric.
Saree with Blouse Piece
Size: Length = 248 inch, Breadth = 45 inch & weight = 600 gm

How to take care of organic cotton fabric: It is recommended to hand wash or machine wash gently on a delicate cycle with the temperature around 30-40 degrees using pH-neutral (6.5-7.5). It is also recommended to use gentle or natural detergents. Avoid using bleach or dry cleaning. Note that organic cotton shrinks by 5% after the first wash.
About organic cotton: While cultivating organic cotton, no pesticides or fertilizers are used. Organic cotton eliminates contamination of groundwater and keeps the water clean. Organic cotton is 98% less harmful than conventional cotton

Experience the wonder of pure organic khadi from Magan Sangrahalaya. Light, soft, handspun khadi is a wonder fabric that is cool in summer, and warm in winter. Designers are creating smart and stylish all-season lines in khadi. Brought alive with vegetable dye and fruit extract prints, khadi is the ultimate eco and skin-friendly fabric. Every time you buy khadi, you enable the livelihood of farmers and skilled artisans.